Don’t Let High Interest Rates Stop You From Buying

Don’t let rising interest rates hold you back from getting your dream home.

Are you considering buying a home but are hesitant due to rising interest rates? You should still consider purchasing a home in this market environment. Owning a home is one of the most effective ways to build wealth. Despite the increase in interest rates, people still need a place to stay. If you have good credit and the funds to purchase a home, don’t let higher interest rates deter you from owning a house.

In Florida, rent has increased significantly, with some clients experiencing a 25% hike in just a few months. For example, a client paying $2,000 monthly in rent decided to apply for a home loan after renting for 10 years. If you’re in a similar position, we strongly encourage you to consider purchasing a home.

Renting is perfectly acceptable if you’re not financially ready. However, once you’ve sorted out your finances and credit, consider purchasing a home to build wealth for you and your family. Don’t let rising interest rates prevent you from purchasing your dream home.

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Mortgage Broker Fees: Who Should Pay?

Explaining who can pay the mortgage broker fee and what it entails.

Who pays for the mortgage broker fee? The short answer is that either the buyer or lender can pay for the mortgage broker fee.

If the buyer pays the mortgage broker fee, you’ll obtain a lower interest rate. However, your closing costs may increase by doing so.

If the lender pays for the mortgage broker fee, the rate most likely will increase. The lenders and the banks are in business to make money, so they have to recuperate the money somewhere.

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What Makes Mortgage Brokers and Lenders Different?

What makes mortgage brokers different from lenders and why you would work with them.

Did you know there’s a difference between choosing a mortgage broker and a lender? Not many people do, so I want to discuss what makes the two distinct.

The fundamental difference is that a mortgage broker is not licensed to provide direct funding, while a lender or a bank will provide the necessary funds. Brokers simply put the borrowers and lenders together for a fee.

That might make you wonder why you’d work with a mortgage broker, but there are a few good reasons why. For example, let’s say you go to a big bank for a loan. They pull your credit, and for some reason, you’re denied the loan. In the worst-case scenario, pulling your credit multiple times could drop your score. You can’t use that credit report to shop around for a new lender, but if you work with a mortgage broker, you can use the same credit report with multiple lenders and banks. 

Another good reason to use a mortgage broker is that we can shop around for better interest rates. The big banks aren’t awful, but don’t count out the mortgage brokers.

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