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What Makes Mortgage Brokers and Lenders Different?

What makes mortgage brokers different from lenders and why you would work with them.

Did you know there’s a difference between choosing a mortgage broker and a lender? Not many people do, so I want to discuss what makes the two distinct.

The fundamental difference is that a mortgage broker is not licensed to provide direct funding, while a lender or a bank will provide the necessary funds. Brokers simply put the borrowers and lenders together for a fee.

That might make you wonder why you’d work with a mortgage broker, but there are a few good reasons why. For example, let’s say you go to a big bank for a loan. They pull your credit, and for some reason, you’re denied the loan. In the worst-case scenario, pulling your credit multiple times could drop your score. You can’t use that credit report to shop around for a new lender, but if you work with a mortgage broker, you can use the same credit report with multiple lenders and banks. 

Another good reason to use a mortgage broker is that we can shop around for better interest rates. The big banks aren’t awful, but don’t count out the mortgage brokers.

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