I want to thank you for all your help with the purchasing of my new home. A friend of mine gave me your phone number when you helped her with the purchase of her condo in 2010. The way she spoke about you was great so I asked her for your number. Many years later my friend sold her condo and purchased her home once again with your help.

Once my husband and I decided to purchase our home I knew if you were available I wanted no one else to be my loan officer due to the fact that buying a home is a very stressful time and I don’t handle stress well so I needed a broker who wasn’t just in it for the money, but who would be there when I had any concerns… you have Exceed in that area, I felt as if I was your only client.

You always kept me in the loop every step of the way, you kept me Calm when I was feeling Frustrated , you went above and beyond to get answers for me when I couldn’t reach my realtor…. I would highly recommend you to friends and family.

Thanks again!